What is Envision One RP?

The Envision One Rapid Prototype (RP) software takes 3D models and translates them into printable files for the 3D printer.

Design your model in standard CAD software, then import the STL file into Envision One RP Software. Prepare your model for print with one click of a button, upload to your printer, and let the Envision One cDLM do the rest.

Download “Envision One RP”

Release Notes

Envision One RP 1.1.1505

June 24th 2019

Magic Print solution for dental parts to prepare platform for printing.
Automatic dental parts orientation by the largest flat surface.
Info about compatible CS version with RP.
Supports generation on the “safe” zone to avoid model clinging to the platform.
Price estimation per print.

Job file is saved in a previously used folder instead of chosen folder.
Supports are placed through the model structure when auto placement during model loading is disabled.
“Print” window appears after cancelling “Dental models” process.

Improved jaws auto-placement.
Changed cutting logic.
Current license expiry day display.

Envision One RP

Sep 19, 2019

EnvisionOne RP 1.1.1505



Magic Print

The Magic Print tool allows for fast and easy preparation of models for 3D printing. There are two options within Magic Print:

  • Basic – the software will automatically prepare the scene to print by orienting the .stl file(s) on the platform, adding the recommended supports, and transferring the job to the printer
  • Dental models – for models that do not need supports. The software orients the model by aligning the largest flat surface with the platform and transfers the job to the printer

Automatic Supports

The Envision One RP software automatically generates supports with preset parameters that are fully customizable. The software also allows you to add and remove supports as needed.