Partnership of EnvisionTEC, Orchestrate 3D and Forestadent USA Offers New Digital Solution for Orthodontic Practices

Dearborn, MI – October 17, 2013, EnvisionTEC, Inc.,
A leading manufacturer of proprietary 3D rapid manufacturing solutions for the dental industry, has announced a new partnership with Forestadent USA and Orchestrate 3D. Forestadent USA will be offering a new package consisting of EnvisionTEC’s new Perfactory® Micro Ortho 3D Printer bundled with Orchestrate 3D’s 3D digital orthodontic software system at the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists 2013 Annual Session in San Diego, California. The PCSO Annual Session takes place at the San Diego Conference Center from October 17 through October 20, 2013, and Forestadent USA will be available in Booth #212 to demonstrate the powerful capabilities this bundle offers to the orthodontic community.

EDITMICROEDU.jpgEnvisionTEC’s Perfactory® Micro Ortho offers a compact professional desktop 3D printer with extremely high resolution. It is a low cost, easy maintenance and user friendly desktop 3D manufacturing system, designed for producing highly accurate dental models for use in manufacturing high quality orthodontic appliances in an office environment. The surface quality of the printed models allows for a clear aligner to be produced with no signs of stairstepping. With a build envelope of 4″ x 3″ x 4″, the Perfactory® Micro Ortho can build up to 3 full arch models flat down in 45 minutes or up to 7 models straight up in less than 4 hours with an average price per full arch ranging from $3 to $5.

Orchestrate 3D has designed the first fully integrated digital orthodontic software solution by orthodontists, for orthodontists. The software is a complete package, allowing the orthodontist to scan the dentition, diagnose the patient, design an array of orthodontic appliances and send the final design directly to the 3D printer for production. This comprehensive 3D digital system gives orthodontists complete control and autonomy over the 3D imaging, diagnosis, design and 3D printing of their cases all within their office and at a fraction of the cost.

envisionteclogoEnvisionTEC, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of proprietary 3D rapid manufacturing solutions for global organizations focused on time-to-value for their customers. Since their first patent submission in 1999, EnvisionTEC has developed and released solutions for desktop applications up to large scale enterprises and manufacturers. EnvisionTEC’s solution platform provides organizations of any size the capability to rapidly manufacture true to life and functional duplicates of any CAD rendering. With nearly 18 U.S. and 91 foreign patents, EnvisionTEC works with a strong customer and partner base in jewelry, automotive, dental, medical, sporting goods, aerospace and consumer packaged goods. For more information, please see

orchestrateOrchestrate Orthodontic Technologies is a revolutionary 3D digital company built by orthodontists for orthodontists. Over the past 5 years they have tested and researched the most sophisticated 3D scanners, software and 3D printers available and adapted this technology specifically for orthodontists, resulting in a comprehensive 3D digital system that gives the orthodontist complete control and autonomy over the 3D imaging, diagnosis, design and 3D printing of many orthodontic appliances. For more information, please see

ForestadentForestadent USA has been in business since 1995 and offers a wide range of innovative orthodontic products. Forestadent USA is not only known for providing excellent products and services but for being a valuable partner to orthodontists in private practices as well as in universities. As a family run business and more than 100 years of tradition and experience, the name Forestadent stands for high precision and innovative quality products. For more information, please see