Open Materials Program

We’re working with the best to offer an unparalleled 3D Printing materials portfolio. 

Learn how 3D printing giant Shapeways is benefitting from the collaboration between EnvisionTEC and Henkel in this video.

Bringing you only the best

EnvisionTEC has always been a leader in 3D printing materials, with one of the most versatile materials portfolios available.  To further drive the adoption of 3D Printing technologies beyond prototyping to final parts production, EnvisionTEC is now partnering with the best in 3D printing materials manufacturers in our Open Materials Program.

Through this Open Materials Program, EnvisionTEC is working with select materials experts to certify the best of the best for use on our 3D printers in order to expand our selection of high-quality materials. This new “selectively open” approach to materials allows EnvisionTEC to offer a wide variety of medical-grade and end-use industrial options to our customers, while ensuring the quality meets our high standards for usability and effectiveness with our 3D printers.

Do you have 3D printing materials you would be interested in having certified for use on EnvisionTEC 3D printers?  Click on the “Tell Me More” button below to get in touch with us for consideration.

Do you have a favorite 3D printing material you’ve always wanted to use on EnvisionTEC’s professional-grade 3D printers?  Look below to see if it has been certified or is in the process.  Click on “Tell Me More” button below to get more information about our world-class solutions and how we can help YOU find the right printer and material combination for your particular application.

Learn more about EnvisionTEC’s full materials selection here