CAD Demo - CCG Expo 2017

EnvisonTEC demonstrates its technology at CCG EXPO 2017 in Shanghai, China

EnvisionTEC demonstrates the value of 3D printing and CAD in model making.

EnvisonTEC GmbH attended the recent Cartoon and Game (CCG) Expo in Shanghai. The annual event, which this year took place 6-10th July 2017 showcased the latest developments in the animation and game industry.

During the event EnvisionTEC’s team, together with model manufacturer Hobbymax and 3D printing, scanning and service organisation Broad 3D Technology Co., Ltd, demonstrated solutions for the model making industry.

Anime models are popular as a form of both merchandise and art, often requiring many hours of skilled, painstaking work to perfect and prototype. The demonstration attracted professionals from across the spectrum of model design and manufacture, interested in seeing first-hand the benefits which CAD and 3D printing can bring to the industry.

During the session the team demonstrated how CAD can be used to create complex models which can then be printed directly or turned into master patterns for molding. Complex prototypes can be produced in hours not weeks and easily modified and tweaked.

With EnvisionTEC’s Vida printer running live during the session the assembled audience could experience first-hand the speed, and exceptional quality available from both the printer and its materials.

More information about our solutions for the entertainment and model making industries can be found here.

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