Amanda Matyas

3D Parts Builder

The Mona Lisa of  3D Printing —

Amanda Matyas love for art created a path to 3D printing.

A jewelry artist and a native of Philadelphia, Amanda attended Tyler School of Art at Temple U, where she studied in metals, jewelry design and CAD/CAM applications.

“While attending Tyler School of Art, I took a class covering jewelry, metals and CAD/CAM and immediately fell in love with the challenge of creating jewelry,” said Amanda.

As a student taking jewelry undergrad classes, one of the courses required was an introduction to CAD/CAM and an overview of 3D printed parts.

“I originally struggled with the leap from the tangible to the digital sculpting world,” said Amanda. “However, as soon as I designed my first printed part I was hooked. I felt I had found an artistic craft that I could continue to learn about for the rest of my life, there was so much to it.”

In 2015, Amanda graduated with a vast portfolio of art jewelry models 3D printed in SLA and extrusion-based printers and moved to Los Angeles for a position manufacturing micro-fluidic devices using laser cutters and hand lamination techniques.

“I found a job working in bio-manufacturing,” said Amanda. “I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge of CAD work and CAD design, which prepared me for my next role.”

In 2016, Amanda made her move to Detroit and was working as a freelance fabrication specialist. In her spare time, she began teaching herself to use a milling machine.

“I was new to Detroit and was freelancing for an artist fabricating some sculptures,” said Amanda. “I knew I needed full-time work, so I started looking for positions that fit my skill set.”

During her first phone interview, she learned about the position in detail and found that 3D printing was the new challenge he was seeking.

“I decided to take the position because I saw it as an opportunity to grow and a challenge that could be fulfilling.”

A 3D Parts Builder position at EnvisionTEC fit the bill.

“I was always interested in the 3D printing process and I found the overall position to be just what I was looking for,” said Amanda.

“My interview came at just the right time. During my first tour of the facility, I was struck by the quality of the prints – I had never seen such smooth surfaces in 3D printed parts.”

As someone constantly drawn to different fabrication processes, Amanda knew that she needed to be a part of a team who understands additive manufacturing and how to create high-quality, accurate parts.

“I was excited to be able to learn the different facets of 3D printing and building parts, which is the most cost-effective way of seeing designs come to life,” said Amanda.

At EnvisionTEC, Amanda takes customer’s benchmark files and work to produce the best possible prints for them. She also works with process engineering, the R&D team and runs as well as maintains the high-speed continuous cDLM 3D printer.

“I’m working with technology I find fascinating,” said Amanda.

“3D printing allows me to create any weird shape that comes into my head and with forms that were extremely difficult, if not impossible, using traditional bench jewelry techniques – it is now possible with 3D printing.”