Josue Nunes

Level One Builder

The Blueprints to 3D Printing —

A passion for architecture has led Josue Nunez to build his foundation on 3D printing…

A native of Richmond, Virginia – Josue has lived in Michigan since he was a toddler.

“I basically grew up in Michigan,” said Josue. “It was during my high school tenure that I developed a passion for design and architecture.”

At Walled Lake Western High School, Josue took technology and design classes as well as a year of architecture.

“The classes really helped me and developed my love for architectural design,” said Josue. “Since I was graduating soon, my teacher offered up Lawrence Tech as an option,” said Josue.

Josue enrolled at Lawrence Technological University after graduation in 2010.

“My first year was really general with typography and art classes,” said Josue. “Then I moved on to some architectural beginner-based classes.”

Bringing a singular vision all his own, Josue captured the beauty of design by working in the field, dealing with real-world situations.

“I did some internships in engineering, construction and vocational too,” said Josue. “This allowed me to learn the process of steel and process making as well as 3D modeling.”

After graduating from Lawrence Tech in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Josue wanted to focus on 3D conceptualization.

“One day, I just typed in 3D models to find a job and then 3D manufacturing in a Google search engine,” said Josue. ”My search led me to EnvisionTEC and I found an open position for a level one builder (entry level).”

After applying for the position, Josue was called in for an interview and was on the path to building his additive manufacturing career.

With a love of architecture and design, Josue is looking to push his 3D printing career forward while understanding and improving upon the technology.

“With 3D printing, I love the designing side, not so many steps to reach a final prototype and I was really intrigued by going from conceptualization to a finished model,” said Josue.

“As a builder, I am able to take a customer’s benchmark file and bring to life their design,” said Josue. “The position gives me a great place to start to learn the field.”

One of the most important duties for Josue is accuracy in bookkeeping and machine set-up.

“I make sure things are properly done so nothing is thrown off,” he said.

By processing a customer’s benchmark file, it will determine if a selected 3D printer is the right fit for the parts they’re looking to build. This is the perfect test during the evaluation process, due to the customer being able to review their printed part for quality, accuracy and design.

“Grabbing benchmarks and having files the customer wants to see printed can assist them in confirming the benefits of 3D print technology.”

“3D print technology is so important,” said Josue. “It helps establish a foundation that saves time and cut costs. And I look forward to seeing how industries use it to evolve.”

Fun fact

In his free time, Josue is often designing his own furniture from coffee tables to even a computer desk – carpentry at its best.