Viridis3D: Building the Future with Robotic Additive Manufacturing

Robotic Industries Association | October 31, 2017 ~ Viridis3D is changing the way things are made with their robotic additive manufacturing system, the RAM 123.  The 3D printing system is expanding options for the foundry’s customers and impacting how engineers and part designers create possibilities.

“I’m actually very happy with robot arms,” said Jim Bredt, research and development director at Viridis3D. “Our cost is low because the robot is very economical. The accuracy and the load limit is very generous relative to what we need for our system.”

Viridis3D partnered with EnvisionTEC, a global provider of professional-grade 3D printing solutions. Now a wholly owned subsidiary, Viridis3D can continue to fund further development.

The RAM123 brings a new way of production to foundries. Watch the disruptive technology in action as the team discusses the future of robotic 3D printing in this video.

For more information about Viridis3D robotic additive manufacturing system, contact Peter Denmark at in the Americas and Sobhi Aris at in Europe, Asia or elsewhere. Or, call the Viridis3D office in Woburn, Mass., at 781-305-4961.

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