3D-Bioplotter Silicone TG

Silicone was the first material printed by the prototype 3D-Bioplotter in 2000.

This very versatile material can be used for numerous demo applications: from trying out new shapes and patterns using a cheap material; through making technical parts (e.g. gaskets); to medical device casings.
There are also many medical applications for silicones: from soft implants (e.g. ears, noses, breasts); through wound dressings; to surgical planning models, amongst others.

With a medium curing time of a few hours and different colors out of the box, this technical grade silicone is mainly aimed at demo applications. This silicone displays low shrinkage, a medium hardness around 20 Shore and has no smell, making it an excellent material for large parts.

Physical Properties

Material Type


Curing System

RTV, Tin Cured

Appearance (color)


Appearance (Form)



1.900.000 MPs


None after curing

Processing Temperature

Room Temperature

Processing Parameters Available For

0.2mm / 0.25mm / 03 mm / 0.4 mm / 0.8mm needle tips

Printing Surface

Polypropylene Film

Printing Speed (at 2-5 bar pressure)

No degradation measurable


Technical Grade

Degradation Period in Biological Systems

1-3 Years

Recommended Machines