Easy Cast 2.0 C

Castable • High Speed • Jewelry

Easy Cast 2.0 C is a breakthrough material for the high-speed printing of a castable photopolymer material with the highest wax content available in 3D printing today.

This material was developed for printing exclusively on EnvisionTEC’s patented cDLM printers. Because cDLM technology has almost zero separation forces during printing, it allows for 90% liquid wax content in the formulation. Consequently, patterns printed in Easy Cast 2.0 C feature burnout similar to injection wax.

What’s more, because of the addition of special hardeners, Easy Cast 2.0 C still delivers exceptional crisp features, similar to EnvisionTEC’s low- and no-wax materials — from the smallest of pierced filigrees to the sharpest of corners on raised surfaces.

Easy Cast 2.0 C, launched in 2017, sets a new standard in castable 3D printed materials.

Download the EnvisionTEC Casting Guide Here


Physical Properties


200 cP @ 30°C


1.08 g/cm3

Temperature @ 5% Weight Loss


Ash Content (after 900°C)


Recommended Machines