3D Printing Materials

Advanced 3D Printing Materials For Medical, Professional And Industrial Needs

From Plastics to Wax: Premium Castable Resins

EnvisionTEC has more than 15 years of experience developing materials to 3D print patterns for direct investment casting or lost-wax casting. Importantly, our knowledge about how to include more desirable wax content in these materials, and maintain 3D printing quality, has deepened ― leading to one of the most sophisticated portfolios of castable materials in 3D printing.

While much of our castable material knowledge originated in the jewelry sector, where EnvisionTEC got its start, our castable materials are regularly used in other industries. Take the dental segment, where our Press-E-Cast crowns and partial frameworks have been printed for more than a decade. Automotive manufacturers are also 3D printing large castable pieces such as engine mount blocks. In fact, it’s quite economical to produce a low volume of large metal parts in this fashion, instead of machining, which can be time consuming and expensive.

Material Evolution
EnvisionTEC began its foray into castable materials with no-wax plastic formulations. Of those, PIC100 Series has remained a key player, popular for its stiff, crisp details for delicate pieces up to 5 grams finish weight. WIC100, which includes 20% nano-powder wax, followed and remains in production today.

Still, our team has strived for formulations with ever higher wax content, to deliver patterns that cast as easily as wax patterns. Our quest for better materials has also caused our chemistry team to ask the question: Technically speaking, what exactly makes a wax a wax?

EC3000 has a 55% blend of wax, in powder and liquid form, delivering the highest wax content material that can be printed on a standard DLP printer outside of our continuous cDLM line of printers. Other materials in our Easy Cast or “EC” line of materials, such as EC500 and EC3000, deliver wax-plastic patterns with low thermal expansion for foolproof casting. Launched in 2017, EnvisionTEC’s Easy Cast 2.0 C is a breakthrough material, delivering the quality of our PIC100 in the highest wax (90%) material available in 3D printing today.