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E-Appliance is a strong and durable 3D printing material that is ideal for the 3D printing of orthodontic models.

Available in both original and Red, E-Appliance is a specially formulated nano-filled resin. Models that are printed in E-Appliance demonstrate the best-in-class accuracy and surface finish for which EnvisionTEC is known worldwide.

E-Appliance can be used for construction of removable or fixed appliances, and works with a wide range of separator mediums for the easy removal of the finished appliance from the model. That includes both polyvinyl alcohol based-separators and tin foil substitute for a “salt and pepper” technique of producing an orthodontic appliance.


Physical Properties

Tensile Strength

53 MPa -ASTM D638

Tensile Modulus

3000 MPa – ASTM D638

Elongation at Break

3.3% – ASTM D638

Flexural Strength

93 MPa – ASTM D790

Flexural Modulus

2980 MPa – ASTM D790

Heat Deflection Temperature (no heat treatment necessary) at 1.82 MPa loading

48°C – ASTM D648

Impact Izod

20.4 J/m – ASTM D256

Recommended Machines