Chinese Resellers of EnvisionTEC 3D Bioplotter Meet at GDI

Resellers Meet to Domestic Bioprinter Eco Market

On 10th August, Shanghai Graphic Digital Information Co., Ltd. (GDI) and EnvisionTEC GmbH co-organized the first EnvisionTEC 3D-Bioplotter resellers’ meeting holding at GDI Headquarters.

Mr. Lee Chuankuo, Vice President of GDI, Mr. Zhang Xinbo, Director of GDI 3D Printing Division, and Channel Manager of EnvisionTEC Mr. Harry attended the meeting with another thirteen resellers from all over the country. The meeting discussed the current market situation, prospect of the future, pre- and after-sale regulation.

EnvisionTEC 3D Bioplotter is a set of rapid biofabrication tools, which can deal with various of biological materials. Currently, it has achieved significant research outcomes and attracted numerous of customers in the world, which has become the benchmark in the bioprinting field. In early July this year, GDI and EnvisionTEC signed a strategic cooperation agreement becoming the first and unique strategic partner in China.

In the presentation given by Mr. Lee Chuankuo, he called 3D printing a GDI core business, as the company has been constantly strengthening cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises. He also said GDI was the leader in the domestic 3D industry, EnvisionTEC was a global benchmark for the bioprint industry. He hoped this joint and with the cooperation of various resellers, which would help promote the fast development of EnvisionTEC 3D Bioplotter in China.

This year is the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the EnvisionTEC company. At the meeting, Mr. Harry first shared the history of the envisionTEC company and the detailed development process of biological 3D printer development as well as the current circumstance of 3D Bioplotter globally.

EnvisionTEC 3D Bioplotter series of bioprinters can produce 3D scaffolds with precise internal and external structures for the purpose of tissue engineering and drug release, as well as biomaterials and cell adhesion with controlled mechanical properties. It also can improve the circulation of nutrients with the help of precise holes. The range of print materials is comprehensive, including flexible polymers, gels, cells, hard ceramics and metals.

In order to leave a deep impression of biological 3D printing technology and 3D Bioplotter to the resellers, Mr. Dong Liang, 3D Printing Division product manager from GDI, provided a systematic training and a Q&A section for the representatives of each reseller.

GDI was founded in 2007. After ten years, it has become an innovative high-tech enterprises based on 3D technology. Mr. Zhang Xinbo, Director of 3D Printing Division, shared the development history and achievements of GDI in the bio-3D printing industry, and introduced the company’s professional sales team and the pre-sales technical support engineers team. At the same time, Zhang also introduced to the resellers of the 3D Bioplotter bioprint printer price policy and cooperation preferential policies and highlighted the cooperation resellers would be provided with efficient pre-sale and after-sales service promoting the establishment of a complete service system.

In October this year, GDI will set up a biological 3D printing center in Shanghai headquarters to provide prototype display and proofing services promoting 3D Bioplotter for customers and partners in China.


EnvisionTEC 3D-Bioplotter Resellers Meeting in China