EnvisionTEC’s E-Mould provides a new solution for injection molding with a validated process chain. Replace or supplement traditional tooling in your workflow for faster market launch, immediate design changes, and the ideal answer for short series production and just-in-time tools at a fraction of the cost without the need for wasting space to store expensive tools. Validated for a variety of injection materials such as PP, PPGF30, PBT, TPE-S, ABS, PE, POM and more.

Physical Properties

Tensile Strength

87 MPa

Elongation at Break


Young's Modulus

3560 MPa

Poisson's Ratio


Flexural Strength

134 MPa

Flexural Modulus

3360 MPa

Impact Izod

35 J/m

Hardness, Shore D


Thermal Expansion

100 µm/m/C

Thermal Conductivity

0.252 W/mK

Specific Heat

1.777 J/gK

Density (solid)

1.14 g/cm3


460 cP @ 30°C

Recommended Machines