Pro Gray

EnvisionTEC Pro Gray, formerly known as R5 Gray, is an accurate and functional resin for producing robust and durable parts on all EnvisionTEC Perfactory® 3D printers. Pro Gray is a liquid, photo-reactive acrylate with a wide processing latitude, which is used to produce parts with high quality up-facing and downfacing surfaces. The parts exhibit superior fatigue strength properties and excellent tolerance to a broad temperature and humidity range during and after build. The material offers distinguished chemical resistance and a good balance of properties between rigidity and functionality. Pro Gray is ideal for creating master patterns in rubber molding applications and is suitable for electrical housings, medical products, snap-fit parts, consumer products, and automotive applications.

Physical Properties

Tensile Strength

49.7 MPa (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 527-1)

Elongation at Break

5.24% (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 527-1)

Elongation at Yield

7.93% (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 178)

Flexural strength

79.7 MPa (ASTM Method DIN ISO 178)

Flexural modulus

1960 MPa (ASTM Method DIN ISO 178)

Izod Impact-Notched

5.05kJ/m2 (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 180)

Hardness (Shore D)

89 Shore (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 868)

Glass Transmission Temperature

120°C – 150°C (ASTM Method DIN 53765)


643.1 cP (ASTM Method DIN 1342-2)

C.T.E. -40°C – 0°C

55 – 63 μm/m*K (ASTM Method E381-00)

C.T.E. 0°C – 50°C

88 – 94 μm/m*K (ASTM Method E381-00)

C.T.E. 50°C – 100°C

170 – 189 μm/m*K (ASTM Method E381-00)

C.T.E. 100°C – 150°C

192 – 201 μm/m*K (ASTM Method E381-00)

HDT @ 0.46 MPa

84.5 – 102.6°C (ASTM Method D648-98c)

HDT @ 1.81 MPa

65.4 – 88.0°C (ASTM Method D648-98c)

Recommended Machines