E-Model Beige

EnvisionTEC’s E-Model Beige printing material for DLP and cDLM 3D printers is the perfect choice for orthodontic models for thermoforming aligners over. A high green strength gives E-Model Beige added strength and stability during the build, resulting in lower shrinkage and curling than similar products. The low viscosity of the liquid material allows for quick and easy cleanup of the models. E-Model Beige produces detailed models, with exceptional surface finish, for precise orthodontic treatment plans.

Physical Properties

Tensile Strength

55 MPa

Tensile Modulus

2200 MPa

Elongation at Break


Flexural Strength

90 MPa

Flexural Modulus

2540 MPa


150 cP at 30°C

Colors Available

Natural, Light, Peach, Black, Beige

Recommended Machines