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E-Dent 400


EnvisionTEC’s E-Dent 400 printing material for the Perfactory family of 3D printers is a biocompatible Class IIa and FDA-approved solution for the accurate 3D printing of crowns and bridges for long-term temporary use.  E-Dent 400 can also be used for the 3D printing of very tough veneers that are extremely accurate and have a very fine surface finish.  Full crowns or multi-unit bridges can be printed and the printed designs can also be cut back to allow for color layering and shading.

Physical Properties

Brookfield viscosity at 23°C

0.9 – 1.4 Pa's

Flexural strength

85 MPa

Flexural modulus

2,100 MPa

Water sorption

30 µg/mm3

Water solubility

5 µg/mm3

Hardness shore

D 89-90

Recommended Machines