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NextDent Denture 3D+

NextDent Denture 3D+ material is an FDA-approved, biocompatible Class IIa material suitable for printing all types of denture bases.  This material has low shrinkage compared to standard PMMA denture base materials, which results in excellent fitting denture bases.  This 3D-printed solution allows for a natural looking appliance with exceptional customized fit.

To see a video on our Denture 3D+ material click here.

Physical Properties

Flexural strength

84 MPa

Flexural modulus

2383 MPa

Water sorption

32 µg/mm3

Water solubility

28 µg/mm3

Residual monomer


Color available

Translucent pink

Recommended Machines

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NextDent C&B MFH printing material is an FDA-approved solution for the accurate 3D printing of crowns and bridges for long-term temporary use as well as dentures.