Orthodontic Industry

→ High Production of Orthodontic Models for Clear Thermoformed Aligners
→ Durable Orthodontic Models for Appliance Creation
→ Indirect Bonding Trays for Bracket Placement
→ Night Guards and Bite Splints

3D Printers to Transform Your Practice —

EnvisionTEC is the leading choice for orthodontic applications. Whether you are an orthodontist who is new to 3D printing or a lab who may have experience with the technology, our easy-to-use DLP technology delivers superior accuracy, surface finish and speed. We also have the industry-leading materials library for dental applications.

With solutions for both the individual clinic and laboratories serving multiple clinics, 3D printing from EnvisionTEC can help make practices far more efficient by dramatically shortening delivery times, improving service levels, while also potentially reducing costs and creating perfect fitting aligners in minutes!

Read here about how orthodontists, dentists and labs are adopting our technology rapidly with amazing results that are transforming their businesses.


Learn Why Advanced DLP Technology is Better
for Dental 3D Printing

Not all forms of 3D printing are created equal—and that truth is also evident to the visible eye within individual 3D printing processes as well.

Novices may debate whether SLA or DLP is the superior technology. But EnvisionTEC’s team of global engineers — additive manufacturing and software leaders — have developed exclusive, patent-protected processes for 3D printers that deliver fast, smooth and accurate builds, with accuracy down to 10 microns.

In this white paper, EnvisionTEC shares the technical details of why it’s DLP printers are at least twice as good as its competitors when using the same HD projectors.

Orthodontists Choose EnvisionTEC

3D Printing is Transforming the Digital Workflow

The future is free of gooey impressions and all of the complications that come with them. With an intraoral scanner, software and a thermoforming device, orthodontists can take control of tooth movement and their own appliance manufacturing, saving money and time. Dental labs can also offer time- and money-saving manufacturing of models and appliances, with advances being made all the time. Now, even indirect bonding trays can be 3D printed, saving even more time and money.

Consider how your workflow could be transformed:

  • Scanning

    Intraoral 3D Scanners (Third Party)

    The process starts with taking a 3D Scan or regular impression of your patient.

    Common scanners: iTero, Lythos, 3 Shape, IOS Fastscan, Motion View, Next Engine

  • Planning

    Orthodontic Treatment Software (Third Party)

    Orthodontic Treatment Software allows you to minimize the costs and other hassles of standard appliance design and delivery. Tooth movements, appliance fabrication, and digital storage have never been easier! Orthodontic Treatment Software puts you in control of your treatment planning at a dramatic reduction in overhead.

  • Printing

    EnvisionTEC Vida 3D Printer

    The Vida 3D printer is an extremely accurate desktop printer. Combined with Orthodontic Treatment Software, this combination offers your practice a tremendous ROI!

    Extremely Efficient: Prints 7 models in 4 hours
    Extremely accurate: Prints at 50-100 micron voxels.
    1 Year Factory Warranty

  • Thermoforming

    Thermoforming Unit (Third Party)

    Thermoforming units performs the last critical step to fabricating your patients’ customized 3D aesthetic solution.

Traditional Method
  • Day 1

    The orthodontist creates an impression.

  • Day 2-5

    Impression is shipped to your laboratory.

  • Day 6-8

    Technician pours the model.

  • Day 8-9

    Technician makes the appliance.

  • Day 10-12

    Appliance is shipped to the orthodontist.

Digital Method with EnvisionTEC 3D Printers
  • Day 1

    The orthodontist takes an intraoral scan to create a digital file. (Third Party Scanner)

  • Day 1

    The file is sent directly to the technician through the internet.

  • Day 1-3

    Your lab will use an EnvisionTEC 3D printer to create the model, from which the appliance can be made.

  • Day 3-6

    Appliance is shipped to the orthodontist.

3D Printers for the Orthodontic Industry

The Perfactory 4 LED XXL offers the highest accuracy and best resolution in the vat polymerization market. It also includes the most powerful and cost-efficient light source. All this, plus the largest build envelope available in a DLP 3D printer.

One of EnvisionTEC's best-selling 3D-printers for professional and medical industries, the Vida is extremely versatile. Perfect for small professional practices, the Vida is capable of printing dental or orthodontic applications, hearing aids, and much more.

For those in need of a large build area and a higher resolution of 75 µm (0.003 in.), the Xtreme 3SP HD is the ideal solution. From prototypes to production parts, the Xtreme 3SP HD provides excellent surface finish and detail.

The Otoflash is a light polymerization chamber for the hardening/curing of light curing resins for jewelry, dental, and otoplastic applications.

The UV Light Curing Box for ULTRA 3SP and Xtreme 3SP includes 12 power compact UV fluorescent lamps for the post-processing of UV sensitive curing resins for industrial, dental, medical, and other applications.

The Perfactory 4 Mini XL LED Series uses a custom LED light system for extremely high resolution results. This new LED system is more powerful and efficient than other light projector systems on the market. As such, it offers a variety of benefits, such as lower operating costs and crisper black-white contrast between pixels, which means even better final part detail.

The largest of the Micro Plus family, the Micro Plus XL offers a build area of up to 754,900 cubic mm (46.6 cubic in.) with a resolution of 82 µm (0.003 in.). Coupled with fast build speeds and excellent surface finish, this makes the Micro Plus XL a perfect option for use in anything from an educational setting to a product designer's desktop.

The ULTRA 3SP Ortho can be used by both labs and orthodontic practices to produce up to 18 high-quality aligner models or 12 appliance models in each build.

High-volume orthodontic practices and labs will appreciate the generous build space available on the Xede 3SP Ortho, allowing for up to 49 appliance models or 77 aligner models to be produced in each job.

The ideal companion for the smaller desktop 3D printing options, the PCA 100 is a light polymerization chamber for the hardening/curing of light curing resins, especially for jewelry, dental and otoplastic applications.

The Vector 3SP Ortho provides excellent surface finish and speed with a generous build size for the production of high quality orthodontic models in 100 µm (0.004 in.) resolution.

Large orthodontic labs will appreciate the high production capabilities of the Xtreme 3SP Ortho. It can produce up to 36 high-quality aligner models or up to 24 appliance models per build.

A wise investment to help protect high value 3D printers and their print jobs, the EnvisionTEC PPS DLP is designed to protect the Micro Plus and Vida families of 3D printers from voltage fluctuations, power outages and other noise issues and provide a consistent supply of energy.

A wise investment to help protect high value 3D printers and their print jobs, the EnvisionTEC PPS DLP EU is designed to protect the Micro Plus and Vida families of 3D printers from voltage fluctuations, power outages and other noise issues and provide a consistent supply of energy.

3D Printing Materials for the Orthodontic Industry

E-OrthoShape is a grey ABS-like material that prints in 100 micron layers.  It is recommended for the affordable volume production of models on which to produce clear thermoformed aligners by orthodontic professionals.

E-IDB is a 3D printing material allowing for the production of indirect bonding trays for the precise placement and release of orthodontic brackets.

A material developed specifically for the rapid production of highly accurate, scannable dental models. Looks and feels similar to traditional gypsum models.