Xtreme 8K DLP


EnvisionTEC’s Xtreme 8K DLP is the largest size production-grade DLP 3D-printer in the world.  Created by one of the most experienced teams of engineers in 3D printing, this large format 3D printer allows for the production of exceptionally large 3D parts, built at fast speeds without sacrificing surface quality and part accuracy.

The Xtreme 8K DLP uses dual 4K projector DLP technology to quickly 3D print highly accurate parts from STL files regardless of geometric complexity. With a large selection of materials, you will be able to produce high-quality end-use parts for a variety of applications, including industrial and medical items. A heated material vat allows for additional materials with highly desirable properties.

The Xtreme 8K DLP 3D printer is delivered and installed with EnvisionTEC’s Envision One RP software for user-friendly automatic generation of supports and perfect model production.  The incredible surface finish and precise productivity of this large-format 3D printer makes it one of the most competitive 3D printers on the market today.

Machine Properties

Build Envelope

450 x 371 x 399 mm (17.72 x 14.61 x 15.71 in.)

Voxel Size XY With Pixel Tuning

75 µm

Dynamic Voxel Resolution in Z (material dependent)

100 – 150 µm

Print Speed (material dependent)

Up to 1.5 inches/hour

System Properties
Warranty: 1 year included

Footprint: 1420 x 1052 x 2350 (55.9 x 41.42 x 92.52 in)

Weight: 499 kg (1100 lbs.)

Electrical Requirements: 220 VAC, Three Phase, 20A


Materials Available

Elastomeric material for 3D Printing

Elastomeric material for 3D Printing


Materials Available for the Xtreme 8K DLP Printer

Polypropylene-based material with high impact and compression strength with greater than 100% elongation at break. Ideal for fixtures and tooling.

High heat, high resolution with great flexural modulus.

Print soft, flexible parts with functional end performance, complex geometry, and fine feature sizes.

EnvisionTEC's Rubber Elastomer E-RE70 is an elastomeric material with a tough rubber-like performance.

EnvisionTEC's E-RE90 is an elastomeric material with a tough, rubber-like performance, allowing for the 3D printing of parts previously made from technical foams, rubbers, or polyurethanes. 

Loctite E-IND402 is an elastomeric UV photocurable resin that exhibits high resilience while maintaining excellent tensile strength. It is a single component system with excellent green strength and does not require thermal post processing.