PixCera Plus

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The PixCera Plus 3D Printer is designed to support Rapid Direct Manufacturing with a low-cost and high-resolution solution. The PixCera is a great machine for the small lab and can print up to 20 copings or crowns and up to 7-unit bridges in wax-based Press-E-Cast in under 2 hours. The wax parts are designed for speed investment casting, allowing for a fast one-hour burn-out cycle. With a small footprint, the PixCera Plus is economically designed to fit into a small area. It is office friendly and has a low power consumption. The PixCera Plus can operate unattended with maximum reliability. With the UV option, the PixCera Plus can also print E-Dent 3D printer materials for the direct production of FDA-approved temporaries.

Machine Properties

Build Envelope

60 x 45 x 80 mm (2.36 x 1.71 x 3.15 in.)

XY Resolution*

43 µm (0.0017 in.)

Dynamic Voxel Resolution in Z (material dependent)**

25 – 35 µm (0.0010 – 0.0014 in.)

Projector Resolution

1400 x 1050 pixels

Native Voxel Size

43 µm (0.0017 in.)

Data Handling



1 Year Included

System Properties
  • Easy handling through pre-adjusted material modules
  • Very few moving parts and minimal consumable components guarantee a strong and reliable system that is user serviceable.
  • Post-processing is clean and simple due to near 100% photo cure during the build process.
  • A choice of high-quality materials readily available.
  • Fully cured models are chemically safe.
  • Utilizes a built-in ethernet interface which connects the PixCera directly to a PC workstation or allows for integration into a network.
  • Material changeover can be done quickly and easily
  • Footprint (L x W x H): 45 x 78 x 45 cm (17.72 x 30.71 x 17.72 in.)
  • Weight: 35 kg (77.16 lbs)
Materials Available

implant placement guides

Dental crown and bridge dental material.

for building partial dentures where some flex is required

for producing wax copings, crowns and bridges

Prototype and end-use model printing

Orthodontic indirect bonding trays


Related Printers:


An excellent dental laboratory staple, the P4 DDP can print up to 95 copings and crowns in less than two hours. It is also capable of printing long-term temporaries, partials, and full arch or quad models.

Build Envelope

115 x 72 x 180 or 230 mm (4.5 x 2.8 x 8.66 or 9.06 in.)

XY Resolution*

60 µm (0.0024 in.)

Primary Markets

Vida HD Crown & Bridge

Boasting the highest resolution available in the Vida Series, the HD C&B model is ideal for the production of extremely precise dental crowns, bridges, and copings in both a castable and pressable material or in an FDA-approved material for long-term temporaries.

Build Envelope

90 x 50 x 100 mm (3.54 x 1.97 x 3.95 in.)

XY Resolution*

35 µm (0.0014 in.)

Primary Markets

Materials Available for the PixCera Plus Printer

EnvisionTEC’s E-Dent 100 is a light-cured micro-hybrid filled dental crown and bridge dental material for long term temporaries built on the Perfactory High Productivity DDP machine. Provisionals are photo polymerized on a voxel-by-voxel basis (volumetric pixel) of the liquid resin.

EnvisionTEC’s E-Guide Tint is a biocompatible certified Class I material, developed for the production of high precision surgical drill guides for use in implant surgery. The results produced by combining E-Guide Tint with EnvisionTEC technology are superior to traditional methods of manufacturing implant placement guides.

E-IDB is a 3D printing material allowing for the production of indirect bonding trays for the precise placement and release of orthodontic brackets.

E-Model is a tough material, suitable for high quality prototypes of items in categories such as automotive and consumer goods as well as stable enough for production-quality end use parts. It is also the ideal material for dental and orthodontic models.

E-Partial material was developed for creating wax-like partial dentures for direct investment casting in semi precious metals. E-Partial material maintains flexural strength to ensure clasp flex without breakage. The stiffness of E-Partial allows for production of a very hard retention grid and super tight thin clasps to deliver a metal partial with the perfect fit every time.

A 3D printing photopolymer designed for producing wax copings, crowns and bridges up to 16 units. The material has a very low thermal expansion, which eliminates cracking of investment and produces a porous free material with a perfect margin fit. It can also be used for press on ceramic.