Micro Plus Advantage

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A Desktop 3D Printer for Professionals

The Micro Plus family of 3D printers is ideal for a wide variety of professional 3D printing applications that require accuracy, reliability and a smooth surface finish that minimizes post-processing.

Available in two configurations, the Micro Plus series is a professional grade 3D printing solution utilizing an industrial UV LED light source and an integrated, embedded PC with Wi-Fi. The touchscreen adds convenience to the user interface, allowing for the necessary files for print to quickly and easily be transferred from any network computer directly to the Micro Plus via Wi-Fi.

Micro Plus 3D printers can produce functional parts with exceptional surface quality without sacrificing speed. The materials available for the Micro Plus line cover a wide range of applications, including jewelry, toy, medical, industrial design and engineering, and more.

The Micro Plus Advantage starts at $10,000.

Machine Properties

Build Envelope

65 x 40 x 100 mm (2.36 x 1.77 x 3.94 in.)

XY Resolution*

60 µm (0.0024 in.)

Dynamic Z Resolution (Material dependent)

25 – 75 µm (0.001 – 0.003 in.)

Light Source

Industrial UV LED

Data Handling



1 year back to factory including parts and labor

System Properties
  • Changeover between materials is quick and easy with no waste.
  • Plug and play with an easy to use software interface.
  • Very few moving parts guarantees a strong and reliable production system.
  • Touchscreen and embedded PC with Wi-Fi capability add ease to the user interface.
  • Footprint (L x W x H): 22.86 x 24.13 x 61.5 cm (9 x 9.5 x 24.2 in.)
  • Weight: 16 kg (35 lbs)


Materials Available

transparent, for accurate bite and night guards

for building partial dentures where some flex is required

for very high resolution tough & stiff parts

Flexible, holding high stress and force

3D printing for the jewelry manufacturing market

Easily cast any injection wax pattern.

for quick 3D print molds for thermoplastic injection molding

High temperature molding material for non-metal masters

for producing wax copings, crowns and bridges

fast design verification models

Prototype and end-use model printing


Related Printers:

Micro Plus HD

The Micro Plus HD can produce small, premium components requiring a high level of precision, making it perfect for designers, shops and small jewelry businesses. It is able to build 5-6 average-sized rings in a single build with excellent detail and surface finish.

Build Envelope

45 x 28 x 100 mm (1.77 x 1.10 x 3.94 in.)

XY Resolution*

30 μm (0.0012 in.)

P3 Mini Multi Lens

The P3 Mini Multi Lens is a customizable production tool capable of resolutions down to an incredible 16 microns. This high precision produces the finest detail with constant high build speeds. With a choice of three lens configurations, additional lenses can also be purchased, adding to the versatility of this 3D printer.

Build Envelope

44 x 33 x 230 mm (1.73 x 1.3 x 9.06 in.) See data sheet for additional lens options

XY Resolution*

32 µm (0.0013 in.) See data sheet for additional lens options

Micro Plus XL

The largest of the Micro Plus family, the Micro Plus XL offers a build area of up to 754,900 cubic mm (46.6 cubic in.) with a resolution of 82 µm (0.003 in.). Coupled with fast build speeds and excellent surface finish, this makes the Micro Plus XL a perfect option for use in anything from an educational setting to a product designer’s desktop.

Build Envelope

120 x 74 x 85 mm (4.72 x 2.95 x 3.35 in.)

XY Resolution*

82 µm (0.003 in.) in X and 105 µm (0.004 in.) in Y

Materials Available for the Micro Plus Advantage Printer

EnvisionTEC‘s ABS Flex M Series is an extremely flexible ABS-like 3D printing material for Perfactory® Micro technology. ABS Flex M Series is an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications including snap-fit items and assembly applications which require some elasticity.

E-Guard is a biocompatible transparent material for the production of accurate bite splints and night guards on the Perfactory® line of 3D Printers. The results produced by combining E-Guard with EnvisionTEC technology are superior to traditional methods of manufacturing bite guards and night guards. It is a clear material, allowing for maximum visibility.

E-Gum is used to create flexible gingival masks for use in combination with 3D printed dental models, simulating the flexibility of the patient's gum in order to adjust dental prostheses properly.

E-Model is a tough material, suitable for high quality prototypes of items in categories such as automotive and consumer goods as well as stable enough for production-quality end use parts. It is also the ideal material for dental and orthodontic models.

EnvisionTEC’s E-Model Flex is a highly accurate modeling and final-use material with improved elongation at break. This material has high stability, with low shrinkage and low curling.

E-Partial material was developed for creating wax-like partial dentures for direct investment casting in semi precious metals. E-Partial material maintains flexural strength to ensure clasp flex without breakage. The stiffness of E-Partial allows for production of a very hard retention grid and super tight thin clasps to deliver a metal partial with the perfect fit every time.

EnvisionTEC’s E-Tool M material allows manufacturers to 3D print molds for thermoplastic injection molding quickly and efficiently. It is ideal for low volume production runs or for the creation of multiple iterations of a mold during the prototyping phase.

EnvisionTEC’s innovative new direct investment casting material, Easy-Cast EC3000 M for use on the Perfactory® 3D printers. This easy to cast material has 3 times more wax than any polymer based material, including EC500. It does not boil during burnout, a leading cause of porosity during casting among competitive products.

Direct investment casting just got easier. EnvisionTEC’s innovative direct investment casting material, Easy Cast EC500 M for use on the Micro Plus family of jewelry model makers. With 30% faster build times and dramatically improved casting abilities, EC500 M is the answer you have been waiting for to give you a competitive advantage in the jewelry manufacturing market.

High temperature molding material for non-metal masters dramatically changes 3D printing capabilities for manufacturers. With a heat deflection temperature of 140°C straight out of the machine, high definition parts printed in HTM140 M can be directly vulcanized in rubber, eliminating the need for a metal master.

A wax 3D printer photopolymer designed for producing wax copings, crowns and bridges up to 16 units. The material has a very low thermal expansion, which eliminates cracking of investment and produces a porous free material with a perfect margin fit. It can also be used for press on ceramic.

Quick building QView M resin is ideal for providing fast design verification models. This exciting new material is capable of impressive print speeds of up to an inch per hour for the full build envelope. This allows designers to put their custom design pieces into their customers’ hands in record time for final fit and design verification.

EnvisionTEC‘s RC-90 is a high temperature resistant resin for building tough and stiff parts at very high resolutions. RC-90 is a nanoparticle-filled material that is used to build hard-wearing, stiff and high temperature-resistant parts that are ideal for silicone molding.