Desktop XL Plus

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The Perfactory Desktop XL Plus is a desktop 3D-printer with an enlarged build envelope for an unbeatable price to performance ratio. The Desktop XL Plus is the perfect choice for the small to medium sized company looking for a flexible 3D printing solution for a wide variety of applications. Changeover between materials is easy and takes only a few minutes. With the ability to run unattended 24-hour production cycle. There are no limits to geometric complexity as long as the item has been designed in a 3D CAD program and may be exported as an STL file. The machines are delivered and installed with all the relevant software to enable automatic support generation and perfect model production. Resolution and surface finish remains constant over the entire build area due to patented technology based on voxelization.

Machine Properties

Build Envelope

100 x 75 x 80 mm (3.94 x 2.95 x 3.15 in.)

XY Resolution*

71 µm (0.0028 in.)

Dynamic Voxel Resolution in Z (material dependent)

25 – 150 µm (0.0009 – 0.0059 in.)

Projector Resolution

1400 x 1050 pixels

Native Pixel Size

71 µm (0.0028 in.)

Virtual Pixel Size

36 µm (0.0014 in.)

Data Handling



1 Year Included

System Properties
  • Easy handling through pre-adjusted material modules
  • Build speed is constant through the build (material dependent)
  • Very few moving parts and minimal consumable components guarantee a strong and reliable system
  • Utilizing a built-in ethernet interface, can connect directly to a PC workstation or be integrated into a network
  • Changeover between materials is done quickly and easily
  • Footprint (L x W x H): 55 x 45 x 89 cm (21.7 x 17.7 x 35.0 in.)
  • Weight: 77.16 lbs (35 kg)


Materials Available

A castable material with moderate levels of wax for 3D printing heavier jewelry pieces up to 20 grams finish weight

transparent, for accurate bite and night guards

High temperature molding material for non-metal masters

extremely durable for use in high accuracy parts

fast design verification models

for robust and durable parts


robust, accurate, and functional parts

for very high resolution tough & stiff parts

A popular value casting material containing 20% powder wax content, allowing for standard wax burnout cycle with most investments


Related Printers:

P4 Standard XL

The P4 Standard XL boasts the largest build size of EnvisionTEC’s DLP 3D printers at up to 5293 cubic cm (323 cubic in.) with a resolution as low as 50 µm (0.0020 in.). This 3D printer is also capable of speeds up to 25 mm (0.98 in.) in height per hour without sacrificing exceptional surface finish.

Build Envelope

192 x 120 x 180 or 230 mm (7.6 x 4.7 x 7.09 or 9.06 in.)

XY Resolution*

100 µm (0.0039 in.)

P4 Standard

The P4 Standard is an ideal 3D printer for consumer products and animation applications. With resolution as low as 42 µm (0.0017 in.) and a generous build size of up to 3687 cubic cm (225 cubic in.), the P4 will be at home in any office setting.

Build Envelope

160 x 100 x 180 or 230 mm (6.3 x 3.9 x 7.09 or 9.06 in.)

XY Resolution*

83 µm (0.0033 in.)

Micro Plus XL

The largest of the Micro Plus family, the Micro Plus XL offers a build area of up to 754,900 cubic mm (46.6 cubic in.) with a resolution of 82 µm (0.003 in.). Coupled with fast build speeds and excellent surface finish, this makes the Micro Plus XL a perfect option for use in anything from an educational setting to a product designer’s desktop.

Build Envelope

120 x 74 x 85 mm (4.72 x 2.95 x 3.35 in.)

XY Resolution*

82 µm (0.003 in.) in X and 105 µm (0.004 in.) in Y

Materials Available for the Desktop XL Plus Printer

E-Guard is a biocompatible transparent material for the production of accurate bite splints and night guards on the Perfactory® line of 3D Printers. The results produced by combining E-Guard with EnvisionTEC technology are superior to traditional methods of manufacturing bite guards and night guards. It is a clear material, allowing for maximum visibility.

A castable material with moderate levels of wax for 3D printing heavier jewelry pieces up to 20 grams finish weight.

High temperature molding material for non-metal masters dramatically changes 3D printing capabilities for manufacturers. With a heat deflection temperature of 140°C straight out of the machine, high definition parts printed in HTM140 can be directly vulcanized in rubber, eliminating the need for a metal master.

The latest breakthrough in extremely durable photopolymers for use in producing very accurate parts with high feature detail on EnvisionTEC’s 3D printers. With added stability and surface quality, this material produces parts with high impact resistance similar to thermoplastics.

Accurate and functional resin for producing robust and durable parts. Pro Gray 3D Printer Material is a liquid, photo-reactive acrylate with a wide processing latitude, which is used to produce parts with high quality up-facing and down-facing surfaces.

EnvisionTEC’s quick building QView resin is ideal for providing fast design verification models. This exciting new material is capable of impressive print speeds for the full build envelope. This allows designers to put their custom design pieces into their customers’ hands in record time for final fit and design verification. It can also be used as a pattern when built in high resolution to make a silicone mold.


R11 3D printing material is a liquid photopolymer that produces robust, accurate, and functional parts. Exhibits superior fatigue properties, strong memory retention, and high quality up-facing and down-facing surfaces. Offering a good balance of properties between rigidity and functionality. Parts that mimic polypropylene. Ideal for master patterns in rubber molding applications.

EnvisionTEC RC Series are high-temperature resins for building tough and stiff parts at very high resolutions. Parts made with these materials are ideal for silicone molding, pump housings, blades, test parts for wind tunnels, light reflectors and various automotive applications. These materials are also perfect for high detail jewelry and animation applications and can be finished with a variety of methods including painting or plating.

With 20% powder wax content, WIC100 Series remains a popular value material in EnvisionTEC’s portfolio of castable materials. Delivers quality detail and printing speeds, along with a standard wax burnout cycle with regular gypsum investment.