UV Light Curing Box

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The UV Light Curing Box for ULTRA 3SP and Xtreme 3SP includes 12 power compact UV fluorescent lamps for the post-processing of UV sensitive curing resins for industrial, jewelry, dental, medical, and other applications. This final step after 3D printing and cleaning a 3D printed part results in higher strength and stability as well as ensuring a thorough cure.

Machine Properties

Inner Chamber Dimensions

457 x 457 x 355 mm (18 x 18 x 14 in.)

Curing Chamber Access

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Height Allowance

355 mm (14 in.)

Outer Dimensions

485 x 482 x 571 mm (19.1 x 19 x 22.5 in.)


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Otoflash Post Curing Light Pulsing Unit

The Otoflash is a light polymerization chamber for the hardening/curing of light curing resins for jewelry, dental, and otoplastic applications. Two photoflash lamps at the bottom of the curing chamber operate in a work mode with a frequency of 10 flashes per second. The photo-flash lamps produce a very intensive light radiation in a spectrum from 300 up to 700 nm. Because of this intensive light radiation, a better hardening of the materials is possible, resulting in materials with good physical values and reduced content of residual monomer versus using other lamp types with a different light emitting spectrum.

Inner Chamber Dimensions

120 x 120 x 50 mm (4.72 x 4.72 x 1.97 in.)

Curing Chamber Access

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