Understanding 3D Printer Accuracy: Cutting Through the Smoke and Mirrors

Who sells the most accurate 3D printers? Are accuracy and resolution the same thing? What does resolution mean in 3D printing? Is there a relationship between accuracy and resolution? Where does tolerance fit in? When considering final dimensional part accuracy, what matters most: X, Y or Z?

Yes, there is certainly a lot of confusion about accuracy in 3D printing and, unfortunately, a lot of potential customers are deliberately spun in circles on the issue.

As a 3D printer manufacturer since 2002 ― known for delivering best-in-class accuracy and surface finish, especially when it comes to tight-fitting crowns ― EnvisionTEC believes in giving customers the facts so they can make informed decisions. That is especially true when it comes to critical parts that go in the body or a critical product, such as a car or airplane.

So, let’s un-spin the issue.

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