EnvisionTEC was founded in 2002 in Marl, Germany. Under the guidance of Mr. Siblani, CEO and Chairman of the Board, EnvisionTEC has become a world leader in 3D printer manufacturing specializing in rapid prototyping and equipment.

  • Corporate Headquarters in Dearborn, MI
  • European Headquarters in Germany
  • Sales, Services and Training Centers in the UK and USA.
  • Manufacturing Facilities in Germany and California

EnvisionTEC’s professional 3D printing solutions delivers exhilarating performance. Unlike traditional manufacturing with hundreds of steps between idea and creation, EnvisionTEC 3D printers have a comprehensive material, printer and software platform. As a result, EnvisionTEC’s prints are precise, fast and smooth. Load your STL file and instantly begin printing without hesitation and experience EnvisionTEC’s progressive 3D platform.

Our Headquarters in Deaborn

EnvisionTEC North American Headquarters in Dearborn, MI - 3D Printer Manufacturing

Our Headquarters in Gladbeck

Gladbeck EnvisionTEC Headquarters

How we do it

With a team of in-house experts in optical, mechanical, and electrical engineering, EnvisionTEC has been highly successful in producing the most reliable rapid prototyping system in the world employing its core based technology of selective light modulation which is currently being utilized in its DLP®  systems. The simplicity of the technology has made the technology very popular in rapid manufacturing markets such as the hearing aid industry, where EnvisionTEC enjoys more than 60% of the world market, and the jewelry design industry, where the company services more than 50% in the number of units produced on its Perfactory® systems. EnvisionTEC also partners with the best in the business to create complete turn-key solutions for market-specific areas. We successfully integrated our technology with 3Shape in the hearing aid market, with Dental Wings in the dental market, and many jewelry design software packages. We have also integrated the Materialise Magics EnvisionTEC software with our Perfactory® RP Software Suite, giving our customers the golden standard in .STL file repair and manipulation capabilities.

We value our commitment to providing the best 3D printing solutions for our clients. Our proprietary RP tools perform with great accuracy and functionality with the backing of recognized intellectual property.  EnvisionTEC holds over 90 patents and pending patent applications worldwide. We continue to issue an average of one patent every three months to protect our inventions as we develop and improve our core technologies in the field of rapid prototyping and manufacturing.

15162 S. Commerce Dr.
Dearborn, MI 48120


Brüsseler Straße 51
45968 Gladbeck

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